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Pauline, a former counselor, teacher and manager is enjoying her new career as owner and CEO of School of Peak Performance and Transforming Lives Coaching (SPPTC). Pauline is a certified Life Purpose and Career Coach. She is the author of “The Power of Transformation and Co-Author of “Living in Clarity” from the best seller, Wake Up Live The Life You Love series.

Pauline said that, the greatest good she can do for others is to love them and reveal their own goodness, talents and potentials. She accomplishes this by encouraging, coaching, teaching, mentoring and through public speaking. Her philosophy is that life should be lived to the fullest through the application of biblical principles, wisdom of the sages and modern technologies in daily living. She shares her wisdom, knowledge and expertise with those who are willing to learn, take action and transform areas of their lives, as she has done.

Coupled with her husband, Royston Lewinson, they are helping individuals to find balance in life through their inspirational, teaching and coaching ministry. They are natives of Jamaica, West Indies and have three children, Shauna, Regina and Dior. They also have two sons-in-law, Therren and Curtis.

They have traveled extensively in the United States, as well as to other countries and have worked with diverse populations. They take the no-nonsense multicultural, multi-dimensional approach to life, growth and development. Royston is a Six Sigma Expert at Raytheon.  He is the owner of  Lewinson Consulting & Photography. He is also the manager of School of Peak Performance and Transforming Lives Coaching.

Pauline is a certified Life Purpose and Career Coach and was drawn to this career after leaving her job as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, with the State of Virginia. She is confident that all people are capable of learning, unlearning and relearning to make the necessary changes they desire in order to maximize their gifts, make inspired decisions and perform to their full potentials.

 She helps people to unstuck, embrace their passion, tap into their remarkable untapped potentials, take action and accountability, excel and achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. She often borrows a line from the well known Reggae superstar Bob Marley who said, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” Lewinson said, “When our minds are free from limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, we can be more productive in creating balance and wholeness to live life to its fullest.” She is committed to service, and will design a unique program with strategies to meet the specific needs of every individual or group she coaches.


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