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Our Mission

A truthful observation of what is considered Christianity today will lead one to conclude that there are many sects and denominations each differing in doctrine and practice. This has caused much confusion and division among God’s people.

The good news is that all the answers we need to the difficult doctrinal questions, parables and dark sayings are found in God’s Word. The Word of God alone is our only source of truth and so can bring an end to this confusion and once again unify God’s people who are sincerely seeking understanding and wisdom.

There is hope for God’s people who are willing to unite as one body, the body of Christ, following Jesus in harmony with God’s Word!

Jesus made this promise to those who love Him…

Matthew 5:6
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

It is my observation that many today accept that which is taught to them by the leaders of their denomination and sects with little or no question. Ministers and pastors seem to have forgotten that we are all held accountable to God for what we believe as well as what we teach others.

The time has come to CONSIDER.

We must ensure that what we believe and teach is the truth so we do not create a “god” after our own imaginations by upholding false doctrine and man’s traditions.

Our mission is to use the Have You Considered program to challenge the popular beliefs of today; weigh them in the balance of God’s Word and so doing, and whet your appetite for the truth.

That is my own testimony of how I was delivered from pentecostalism, traditions and many of today’s end-time beliefs.

Our aim is to also open your understanding to the spiritual reality of the Word of God, for His Word is spiritual and purposed is to bring life in the midst of this perverse world .

We believe that the true understanding and practice of God’s Word will bring life to the soul and unity to God’s people – the body of Christ.

Our prayer therefore is that the Have You Considered program will an instrument that will cause people to seek the true understanding of God’s Word from among the confusion of today’s teachings, and will gather God’s people together to stand as one Body.


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